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Texting became the main way of communication nowadays especially with all the instant messaging applications available. WhatsApp messenger is one of the most popular instant messengers on all platforms, but especially on iOS platform. However, there is something that seems to be annoying for all iOS users: there is no official version of this app for iPad or iPof touch, and there are many users of these devices.

Luckily, we cannot say that WhatsApp for iPad does not exist anymore, since you can get around this by through a special procedure that will help you use WhatsApp on your iPad and even iPod Touch.

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WeChat has quickly become one of the best instant messaging services available for smartphone, mostly due to its effectiveness and easy-to-use interface. However, this is not all. Compared to other similar services and messaging platforms like Whatsapp for example, WeChat is famous for its wide variety of features that transform it more into a social network rather than a messaging service.

Besides this, you can even install WeChat on your computer and make use of the same feature on a bigger screen, with a higher accessibility. For this, just check the instructions here, and in less than 10 minutes, you will be able to have WeChat for PC right on your Windows or Mac computer.

As I mentioned above, WeChat is more than a simple messaging service. With the right features, you can share photos on Moments, the place that works as the Facebook time, to mention friends in comments, or to choose a certain group to share pictures with. Here is what you can do in WeChat.

1. Mention Friends in Photo Updates

Just like tagging friends on Facebook, you can also mention friends on photo updates you release in Moments. For adding a friend on a photo, you plan to release to the public, just head over to Discover > Moments > Camera. Here, you can either take a picture or choose one from your Gallery. Choose a photo, tap on Mention and tick friends you want to tag. Tap on Send and the photo will appear in moments along with the names of your friends.

2. Use @ to Enter a Chat Group Member’s Name Quickly

When you are in a group conversation and you want to search for a friend who is part of the respective group, just type in @ and it will pull the list of names of friends sharing the same chat. This way, you can easily search for those who you want to mention by simply picking its name from the list of suggested names.

3. Trigger Confetti Using Words

In WeChat, certain keywords you use in chats may trigger Confetti that will fall from the top of the chat screen in the chat room. Everyone in the chat room will be able to see the Confetti if someone type a keyword that triggers it. Here are some of the keywords that you can use in order to trigger confetti in the chat room. Keep in mind that some of them have special time periods, and they may expire.

  • Happy New Year
  • Merry Christmas
  • Happy Easter
  • Birthday
  • Miss You
  • Flower

4. See Photos Shared by Two Persons

There is a way for you to look for photos only shared between you and a friend of yours. This will appear as an album or an image gallery that is categorized by whom you share the photos with. To do this, just enter the chat room you have with your friend, and look for any recent photos. Tap to open. Swipe left or swipe right to slide between photos to see all the photos you two share. Alternatively, you can tap on the icon at the bottom right to see the whole album.

The popularity of the free messaging service Whatsapp is undeniable. The service has gained so many followers and users that its database has reached one billion active users. Day by day, new users register the platform in order to connect with their friends and family in a free manner. This is the beauty of a multi-platform app. You get to stay in touch with others while you do not spend a dime.

Whatsapp has grown so popular mostly due to its array of features and options. People enjoy staying connected while having the ability to do other things besides chatting. For instance, once you register with your phone number, you can also use the same account with a new handset, because the service will scour your contact list in order to cross check those sharing the same service.

What is great with Whatsapp is the fact that it is not limited to a single mobile platform and that it doesn’t have limitations at all like other instant messengers. The service can easily be used on every mobile OS such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and even Windows phones. But this is not all.

Whatsapp for PC How to Block Contacts

With the help of the right tools, and by tools I mean an Android emulator, you can easily learn how to download and install Whatsapp for PC. The whole process is rather simple, and if you pay attention to the steps indicated here, you will be able to send your future Whatsapp messages from your computer.

However, with all this accessibility to send messages to anyone in your contact list, and the other way around, you might find yourself in a situation of waiting to block someone or to be the blocked one. Fortunately, Whatsapp gives us the option to block annoying or disturbing contacts. For this reason, you might end up being blocked without even knowing it.

Here, I want to show you how you can block a certain contact that you do not want to see again. Blocking a contact happens only in your Whatsapp account, and the blocked contact will not even notice. A simple way to do this is to go directly to the message windows next to the Edit and Add buttons by navigating through the app’s Settings. Here you can find the Block options.

This action will block the respective contact, and it will place him or her under the Blocked Contact list. Later, you can change and modify this list according to your needs.

Whatsapp for PC How to Block Contacts

Once you block a contact, every time they send you a message, they will see a single tick, an indication that you have not read their Messages. Those messages will never show up on your phone, but they will be still able to write you.

The only problem with blocking a contact is that they can still see your profile information, your status, and your profile picture. So, in order to keep the blocked persons away, you should be very careful with the privacy level of your Whatsapp account. You should visit the Privacy Menu, where you can disable the message timestamps and modify your blocked list at your convenience. There are a lot of things great that make Whatsapp one of the best messenger apps and one of the things that i like the most is that i can even have Whastapp on iPad.

The latest update offered by Whatsapp developers brought a couple of major changes and new options. Among them, users can see the Last Seen feature, which shows when a particular contact was last online on Whatsapp, or the already famous blue checkmarks, actually a double check mark, which shows when the respective contact read your message.

The latest option can be pretty tricky, especially when you do not want to show others that you have read a particular message, but you still do not want to answer to them.

In this case, there is no official option to disable this feature, but there are a couple of things you can do in order to prevent others to see a double checkmark on their messages to you. This aspect is actually pretty useful, especially if you tend to chat with some of your friends while leaving others with no answer.

Disable WhatsApp Blue Check Marks – Two Alternatives

The first alternative you have to prevent Whatsapp to show double checkmarks is to use the Whatsapp widget.  A simple long press on a black space on your home screen to bring up to the widget manager. Add the Whatsapp widget to your home screen and when new messages will arrive, even the ones that are particularly long, you will be able to read them in the widget without affecting or triggering the blue check marks.

However, if you choose to tap on the message to see its full length, or to reply to it, the checkmarks will appear once again. As long as you read everything incognito, the senders will not see when you have accessed Whatsapp and read their messages. Even if one contact sends you multiple messages, you will see them separately.

The second alternative you have is to use the Airplane mode feature. This represents the last way in which you can avoid the blue checkmarks. All you need to do in this case is to turn Airplane mode on each time you see a new message arriving on Whatsapp. As soon as you do this, your messages will appear as unread.

However, the next time you choose to turn off Airplane mode, or even to enable your internet connection, your contact will get blue checks to say you have read their messages. Compared to the first solution, this one might be a little bit extreme, but it is actually pretty useful for those who are not able to set Whatsapp widgets on their smartphones.

In the last part, I want to mention you the fact that now, there is also the possibility to install Whatsapp for iPad, even if the app is not officially available for tablets. This is possible simply by downloading the Whatsapp APK file, connect your device to your computer, launch iTunes and then install the file on your iPad. It might seem pretty complicated, but in fact, the whole process is rather simple, and with a little bit of patience, you will be able to use Whatsapp on your iPad successfully.


Whatsapp makes very convenient for smartphone users to catch up with their friends, families and colleagues in a free manner. The great thing with Whatsapp is it does not cost you a thing, and, with only a working internet connection, you will be able to chat with people all over the world.

As I mentioned above, Whatsapp can be used on Smartphones, and it is compatible with Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone. With a little bit of help, you can also install Whatsapp for PC, and run it as you do on your mobile device. The process is the same, registration similar to the smartphone version, and you still need a phone number in order to make it work. Afterward, you can keep up with your friends about the latest news and events.

One of the most annoying things it can happen with your Whatsapp account is to lose all of your messages. This can happen whether by accident or an internal error. Fortunately, this is not permanent. You can still retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages with the help of a very useful app.

Retrieve Deleted WhatsApp Messages with Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is a helpful tool that makes it easier for Android users to recover lost data, such as Whatsapp messages. It does not matter what device you run, because the app runs the same on all Android devices.

How to Restore Deleted Android Whatsapp Messages

  1. Avoid Data update on Android. This will overwrite your backup files
  2. Connect your Android to the PC with a USB cable. You will be required to launch Android Data recovery after downloading and installing it on your computer.
  3. Now, you will have to launch Android Data Recovery after downloading and installing it on your computer.
  4. Set Up Android to enable USB Debugging. For this, head over to Settings, Click Applications, Development and Check USB Debugging.
  5. After enabling USB debugging, your device will be detected by the recovery tool. Click “Start” to analyze your device. Here, you have the possibility to check the exact files you want to be checked. In this case, select Whatsapp Messages and click Next.

There are two scanning modes provides for you. You can choose to scan for deleted files to scan only the deleted files. But you can also scan for various files on your device.

  1. When the scanning is completed, you can click on “Recover” and within several minutes, you can retrieve your Whatsapp deleted messages from your Android device.

For the future, you should prevent such accidents from happing by backing up your data from time to time. With the help of Android Data recovery, you can even recover contacts, videos, call logs, call history, photos, calendars, etc. however, as the title suggests, this method is only useful for Whatsapp users running Android. In the case of the rest of mobile platforms, there are other apps that can help you recover your long-time lost messages.

Kik messenger has become a reliable solution for those of you who enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family in an easy and simple manner. For this reason, Kik provides us the possibility to chat or call free any friend from all over the world.

Kik, a free mobile messenger app allows users to text, video call, or send files to friends that are sharing the same app. It looks and feels nearly identical to the SMS text messaging, and it uses your Smartphone’s data plan or Wi-Fi connection to send and receive messages.

The service is compatible with most operating systems on the market, and now, with the help of a third-party Android emulator, users are able to install Kik for PC, and use the application right on their computers. The process is safe and simple, and the most important, it is 100% free. The emulator’s job is to connect you with all those great mobile apps and games.

How to Use Address Book Matching on Kik Messenger

Now, once you have Kik installed on your computer or your smartphone, you need to learn more about it. The most important step is to learn how you can add new friends, how you can sync contacts on Kik Messenger. Here, I also want to discuss the Address Book matching feature on iPhone, Android, Windows, and on Kik for PC. In this way, you will be able to search for and find existing people in your phone.

How to Find New Contacts

On a phone, you identify new people by their phone number. Most instant messaging apps require access from your contact list or your Facebook account. The problem here is that Kik does not people by phone numbers. Instead, Kik uses usernames, and most usernames do not have a phone number attached. In order to identify which ones of your contacts uses Kik, just try to send a text message to a friend’s phone number, and see if you get other alternatives. By default, you will be asked whether you want to send a message through Kik or the SMS feature.

How to Use Kik Address Book Matching

If you want to use Kik Address Book Matching, you need to make sure that you have downloaded the latest updates to the Kik Messenger app for your device. Older versions do not bring this feature.

First make sure you have registered your phone number with your Kik account. In this way, Kik can easily search your contact list. The Kik for Android app does this automatically.

In the case of iPhone, you need to tap on Settings while you are on a conversation. Here, select t and tap on Privacy on the menu that appears. Find Address Book Matching on the privacy menu. Click on it, and Kik will find the missing contacts.

To use this feature on an Android device, the process is very similar, except the fact that the Settings icon is located at the top right of the screen, not the left. As you can see, finding new friends on Kik is actually easy, especially if you have a rich contact list.


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We all know WeChat and its features. It is the service that brings us together in a free manner, while offering us many other interesting features. Initially compatible with almost all mobile OS, WeChat for PC has also become a reality, and users are able to install the service right on their computer. But, since there are so many similar services available on the market, some of you might want to stop using WeChat. In this case, you all think about uninstalling the application.

Uninstalling the application only helps you not see it anymore. Otherwise, the account will still be there; friends will still be able to send you text messages, even if you do not use the account anymore. As you can see, deleting the application is not the answer for deleting the WeChat account permanently. In order to do this, you need to take three steps.

3 Steps to Permanently Delete WeChat Account

Unfortunately, WeChat application does not allow the users to delete or remove their accounts directly from disabling or enabling a single button. In order to delete your WeChat account, you need to follow these simple steps given bellow, which can easily help you deactivate your WeChat account, once and for good.

However, it is worth mentioning the fact that even if this procedure can be performed rather simple and easy, WeChat might take some time before revoking your account permanently.

1. Clear Chat history and remove linked account

The first step is to clear the history of your WeChat account. For this, login to your WeChat app and then head over to Settings. Here, click on “Clear Chat History” and then clear all your chat history.

2. Revoke Third-party services

The next step after clearing your WeChat application’s chat history is to unlink the accounts linked to your WeChat account such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make sure you do not delete your email address from the linked account list because you still need it for the last step. This will delete any connection WeChat has with other parties, and it will also delete all traces.

3. Send an Account Removal email to WeChat

Here is the last step you need to take to get rid of WeChat from your device. After clearing the chat history and removing the linked accounts, it is time to delete the WeChat account once and for good.

As I mentioned above, there is no direct button to do this alternative, but, you can still use your email address to ask WeChat directly for account removal. In order to contact WeChat, you need to visit their official website, search for Contact Us page, and using the form, ask for deactivation your account.

Now, after requesting them about account deletion, just uninstall the WeChat application from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This will delete your WeChat account permanently. However, in order to be sure, just wait for a confirmation email from WeChat team.

This is all. At this point, your account will no longer exist, and if you want to start using WeChat sometime in the feature, you need to create a new account, set a new profile, and start the WeChat experience once again.

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Most of us are very fond of all the games and applications offered by Android. The reason we like them so much that we can say we are easily obsessed with them depends on what we are using. Of course, we are addicted to the apps because they are useful and the games because they are so much fun. All of us played Candy Crush at least once, right?

And, in the first place we cannot live without the instant messaging apps because this is the cheapest and the fastest way to communicate with our friends and relatives all over the world.

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In the last article, we talked about Kik Messenger and the fact that you can use this amazing instant messaging application without having to use your phone number. As stated in the previous article, the best thing about it is that, not only that you can get it on your mobile device, but you can also use it in a more comfortable way directly from your PC.

Many people don’t know that there is this possibility since the application is known for not having an official version for computers, just like most Android applications.

However, even if there is not the so much wanted official version for Windows and Mac, all of us can have Kik Messenger on your PC thanks to this great Android emulator called Bluestacks. With the help of this great tool you can all install other messenger apps for pc, not just Kik.

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People all over the world use instant messaging application for communicating with each other. Not only young people became obsessed with these applications, but also elderly people use them daily.

One application that lately became very famous, especially among young people, is Kik Messenger. People seem to prefer downloading Kik on their Mobile devices instead of other instant messaging apps. In addition, there are many people who want do download Kik Messenger for Windows or Mac, even if there is no official version of this app for computers. However, there is a large number of people who already use Kik for PC, at this moment.

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